Warranty Policy

Thank you for purchasing Sentar products, in order to ensure that you fully enjoy Sentar products and services, please read our warranty policy carefully.


1.Commencing from the date of purchase, Sentar offers free replacement for faulty products within 3 months
   and free repair and maintenance within 1 year. 
   For issues relating to after sales services, please directly contact Sentar Technology Co., Ltd

2.Warranty Scope: the replacement warranty does not extend to any of the following circumstances

   ▪Unable to provide valid proof of purchase
▪Replacement warranty expired
▪Sealing mark damaged, altered without permission or product without sealing mark
▪Man-made damage to the cover that caused severe deformation
▪Dysfunction caused by installation or usage under abnormal conditions including high temperature,
    high pressure and humidity.
▪Damage caused by natural disasters such as thunder stroke, floods, fires, earthquakes. 
▪Products purchased from unauthorized dealers

3.For those who are not eligible for the product replacement warranty, our company offers paid repair and maintenance services.

Sentar Technology Co. Ltd reserves the right of final explanation and modification to the warranty policy.

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