Corporate Culture


Sentar Wireless aspires to be a leading provider of wireless products with well developed expertise and professionalism. We seek tocreate value for our clients, our people, and society overall.  

Core Values

The values to which we aspire can be summarized in five core values:

· Passion

We are passionate about what we do and what we aim to achieve. We are dedicated to achieve our targets with focus and best efforts, and continuously improve ourselves so as to provide excellent products and service.


We emphasize product innovation to meet our clients changing demand. At the same time, we stress on innovate mindset. We accept new management and operational techniques if they suit company development, and value staff suggestions that provide different perspectives.


We only make commitments that represent our capabilities honestly, and we keep our promises. We deliver work of highest quality based on our standards as well as on our clients. We share our objective findings with our clients in a frank and respectful manner.

· Teamwork

We value our people, and believe that with the combined effort with our people, we can make a real difference. We aim to create a team culture where team members focus on the same objective, respect and communicate openly with each other, and support each other for continuous improvement.

· Win-Win

We value our long-term relationship with clients and partners, and recognize its importance of continued growth and prosperity for both parties. We value our people and ensure their personal goals and company goals are aligned, so as to create a win-win situation where both goals are achieved.

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