Company Overview

      Sentar Wireless is one of the first enterprises that provide network devices in China, a high-tech company which integrates product development, manufacturing and marketing. The company has earned reputation and built up expertise through over ten years’ experiences in the industry. Our differentiation lies in our dedication and capacity to customize products for clients in a timely manner.

     Founded in 2003, Sentar Wireless has developed and expanded through the 10-year journey – from the era of 2G, 3G to 4G.With the support of our R&D expertise and advanced production facility, we are able to deliver a range of quality products including wireless router (3G/4G) and USB modems. Simultaneously, our client base expands both domestically and internationally, and now includes South East Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America and Africa. We have established relationship and cooperation with network operators as well as local companies in those regions.   
    Sentar Wireless follows a win-win strategy with an emphasis on quality, and holds the belief that specialization is the foundation for growth. Following such philosophy, our company thrives to innovate and gives priority to efficiency, which leads the company to achieve sustainable growth.

    Looking forward, Sentar will continue to develop advanced products and provide quality service to a wide range of customers. We will work closely with customers and collaborate with partners so as to better acknowledge and meet changing market needs. 


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Sentar Technology Co., Ltd